Classical performances at the Greek theater in Syracuse

  • Theater Festival
  • Siracusa

05/08/2020 - 07/05/2020

Considered to be “the most important classical theater in Europe", the Greek Theater of Syracuse (5th century BC), located in the Archaeological Park of Neapolis, has returned to relive and host the ancient drama since 1914, thanks to its exceptional acoustics. Indeed, the Greeks built it to make audible even the whispers of the actors  to the spectators sitting at the last rows. 

In 1913 the aristocrat from Syracuse Mario Tommaso Gargallo established a committee with the ambitious project to organize the annual classical performances; it was the birth of the National Institute of Ancient Drama (INDA), became Cultural Foundation since 1998.

The first cycle of performances was inaugurated on  16th April 1914, with the "Agamemnon" of Aeschylus by Ettore Romagnoli; since then, great artists have given life to classical representations in a contemporary key. 

Un’esperienza davvero unica per i 150.000 spettatori che assistono, ogni anno, alla messa in scena, tra queste antiche pietre, dei drammi di Sofocle, Euripide, Aristofane ed Eschilo che, grazie alla magia del teatro, ci parlano ancora di importanti valori e di ideali sociali. A truly unique experience for the 150,000 spectators who every year attend, among these ancient stones, the performance of Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes and Aeschylus tragedies, that still speak to us of important values ​​and of social ideals. That’s the magic of theatre.