Almond blossom festival

  • Intercultural Festival
  • Agrigento

02/28/2020 - 03/08/2020

Now in its 73rd edition, the Almond Blossom Festival is an important cultural and entertainment manifestation, which announces the imminent return of spring and takes place in the enchanting scenery of the Archaeological Park of Valle dei Templi, surrounded by flowering almond trees and at the presence of thousands of visitors.

The event is dedicated to tradition and folklore and includes shows, exhibitions, tastings of local products, concerts and music. Customs, dances and sounds from all the world animate the City of Temples, in sign of interculturality and brotherhood. Thus, folk groups from different parts of the world take part, dance and parade together on the notes of their traditional melodies and wearing their typical costumes.

Three key moments mark the event: the lighting of the Friendship Tripode, at sunset in front of the Temple of Concord, the Friendship Torchlight along the main streets of the city, and the closing event during which international folk groups parade on the typical Sicilian carts from the city to the Temple of Concordia, where they perform with music and dance.

The initiative aims to enhance the artistic expressions that belong to the cultural tradition of people and, particularly, those events recognized by UNESCO as "World Heritage". Thus, the goal is to create an ideal link between the material heritage (represented by the archaeological area of ​​the Valley of the Temples, which obtained UNESCO recognition in 1997, and which in 2015 was declared "a site worthy of exceptional value for humanity"), and the intangible heritage, in particular in relation to the expressions of the performing arts.

The event includes the International Festival of Folklore (now in its 63rd edition), which takes place on the streets of the historic center of Agrigento and the Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples and which ends with the ceremony of handing the "Golden Temple", prize awarded by an international jury to the best folk group; the Historical Procession of Italy and the International Festival "Children of the World" (now in its 18th edition), which involves children from all over the world, and ends with a prize to the group which has distinguished itself in dances, music or costumes and whose performance conveyed the values ​​of peace, solidarity, brotherhood among peoples, which constitute the aims of the event. The Festival has been awarded by UNICEF and the Unesco Italian Commission "In consideration of the high value of the event aimed at promoting the values ​​of peace and brotherhood".